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sun bulletEquipment Relocation
Data center relocations, conversions and consolidations can provide a significant logistical challenge for
financial institutions. Equipment redundancy may become a necessity during project periods. Superior
Surplus can provide the expertise, experience and equipment inventory necessary to ensure smooth
transitions to new locations with your existing equipment or through our asset exchange program. Superior
Surplus can provide system inspection and audit, hardware de-installation and installation services,
transportation services, refurbishing and reconfiguration services. We will work with your team and
your maintenance provider to result in the desired goals, on time, on budget and with minimal disruption
to your operations.

sun bulletOnsite consulting
Superior Surplus offers consulting services to analyze all aspects of your processing infrastructure. Our
specialists have extensive first-hand knowledge of the financial processing industry and a full appreciation
of the issues and problems facing the industry on a day to day basis. We will provide business and
technical assessments, identify problem areas and develop realistic and cost effective solutions to maximize
the efficiency of your hardware, software and staffing.

sun bulletAsset Audit
Equipment inventories are inspected and tested for compliance with the manufacturers support requirements.

sun bulletRefurbishing
Equipment is refurbished by removing panels, cleaning the interior and exterior surfaces, then painting
all exterior surfaces to meet the manufacturers original presentation specifications.

sun bulletEngineering
Engineering services provide for the installation and commission, addition, removal, or relocation of a
feature or an entire system.

sun bulletInspection
Inspection will render an opinion of any specific inquiry regarding a system.