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sun bullet Equipment rental
Short term equipment leasing and rentals are available for peak volume periods, operations center moves
and conversions. Asset exchanges and loaned equipment can be utilized until your primary system is
available for removal.

sun bulletEquipment leasing
Superior Surplus will provide a tailored solution to accommodate your financial needs. Equipment leasing
preserves capital (appreciating asset) yet allows you to provide products and services required to ensure
your success. SSI offers asset analysis as well as "off-book" accounting solutions to meet your specific needs.
A comprehensive economic solution can provide the vehicle to minimize tax requirements, advance approval
processes, and provide payment structure co-terminus with your client contracts maximizing the utilization
of your capital as well as your profits

sun bulletAsset Valuation
Establishing Market Values for tax, depreciation, and insurance purposes supported by recent trades of like
kind equipment.

sun bulletBudget Estimates
Market values for anticipated needs can be provided allowing the establishment of a business plan with
actual estimates based on current market values and trends.