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sun bulletIBM
IBM 3890-XP (XP/PCI)
IBM 3897 Image Capture Systems (model 001 and 004)
IBM 3890 Features (Microfilm, MICR, OCR, Stacker Pockets)
IBM 3890 Enhancements, Parts & Accessories
IBM 3900 Laser Printers

sun bulletNCR
NCR 7766 Proof Encoders
NCR 7780 Document Processors
NCR 7731 Image Lift Encoders
Itran 8000

sun bulletUnisys
Unisys NDP 550
Unisys NDP 850
Unisys NDP 1150
Unisys NDP 1600
Unisys NDP 1825
Unisys NDP 2000

sun bulletBancTec
BancTec 9500 workstation
BancTec E Series Transport
BancTec Check Mender

sun bulletAgissar
Double-Triple Cut Opener/Extractor
Single-Dual-Quad Workstations
Mail Sorter

sun bulletOpex
Opex 150
Opex MPS 40,30
Opex MPE 7.5, 5.0
Opex 51,50 Rapid Extraction Device

sun bulletOther Products- Statement Rendering Systems
Bell & Howell
Pitney Bowes